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Tribe41 is an all-new functional training system designed to transform yourself in all areas of your fitness, health and wellness. Combining strength training, interval, HIIT and mind-body wellness, you will achieve the result you have been dreaming of in both a supportive and innovative environment.

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Our 41-Day challenge will see you form new nutrition, training and lifestyle habits!


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Proven Training Methods

Designed by leading fitness experts combining scientific evidence with results of hundreds of our members to take you to the next level. Programmed safe weight training, fitness, and yoga-inspired classes with regressive and progressive exercises so you can train at your own pace.


Our Tribe41 family of coaches are here to support you in achieving your goals. Our coaches along with our members will keep the vibe fun, keep you motivated, accountable and provide you with a support base that always has your back.


We have teamed up with MyZone and TechnoGym to bring you an innovative wearable heart rate monitoring system that keeps you on track and allows you to compare your results against yourself and others. The best part is, it’s wireless and cloud based so your workouts are recorded and stored for you in and out of the studio.


Tribe41 is not about the short term fix! We will educate you on how to transform your life permanently. We aim to educate our members on our training principles (why a combination resistance training, cardio and mind body works training works) and what lifestyle and nutrition factors can easily be changed to deliver results.

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    The Tribe Challenge is here & will ensure that after your finished you will be feeling and looking fitter, leaner and stronger than ever before. So are you ready to take the next step?